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Singing lessons for everyone

All stages of advancement

Singing lessons

Individual classes at the teacher’s or student’s home.

→Possibility of online classes.

Voice rehabilitation using the DoctorVox Therapy Technique developed by Dr. Ilter Denizoğlu 

Choral emission

Classes for larger groups, choirs or vocal ensembles. 

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Masterclasses that will prepare you for the exams to enter the Music Academy

→ singing
→ acting
→ diction
→ ear training
→ theoretical knowledge

→ DANCE – possibility of dance consultation with a professional dancer

Szymon Pacholec

Possibility of individual and group classes

Graduate of the State Ballet School in Poznań. As a student he did stage practice at the Opera House in Poznań in the performance Swan Lake. Since 2018 he has been a dancer of the Kielce Dance Theatre. He trained at workshops in Poland, France, Israel, with pedagogues from Russia, Germany, England, USA, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

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