Vocal - Rehabilitation - vocal ensembles

Working on your voice



Start your singing adventure

At this level there are people who are just beginning their learning. With my help, I will try to make the beginnings of your vocal adventure pleasant and enjoyable. You will learn correct breathing, intonation of sounds and the basics of “Bel canto” – beautiful singing. 




Dispel your doubts!

At this level are people who have been learning to sing for a while but are planning to expand their musical horizons. 

Or perhaps you have lost your way in the search for your true voice? Come and we will find your primary sound. 




There is never enough knowledge...

I invite people who have been learning to sing for a long time and want to increase their knowledge with my experience.



DR vox


Do you feel that your voice tires quickly? Do you hear a murmur in your voice or excessive tension during singing?

If so, please come along to rehabilitation. Dr VOX’s method shows the body a healthy and correct way to produce sound.

Vocal ensembles


One for all, all for one

Do you lead a vocal ensemble or are you a member of one and would like to organise an emission workshop? 

Feel free to contact me. 

I have been singing in choirs since I was a child and the voice has been my main instrument from many years. 

Let’s sing together!


"The principal task of the conductor is not to put himself in evidence but to disappear behind his functions as much as possible" Franz Liszt